Yahoo Account hacked

Yahoo is one of the securest email service providers as they keep good care of their customers security but nowadays these kind of hacking issues are increasing day by day due to the lack of technical knowledge among the day to day users and the hackers are taking advantage of the innocence of these innocent peoples by attracting them using various marketing ads like earn money easily or chat with your loved ones on which they visit and allows the hackers to get into their system. Various software companies and bloggers are making awareness among the society by writing blogs, articles or by organizing seminars but even after that if your account got hacked then it might be because of the following reasons mentioned below:-

  • Accessing Yahoo email account from an unknown device.
  • Sharing password with your friends and colleagues.
  • Easy and common password.
  • Virus attack on your computer, mobile or tablet.
  • Lost or stolen mobile phone which you use to access your Yahoo email account.
  • Providing account information on malicious or marketing websites.
  • Lack of security on devices.

How to recover hacked Yahoo email account ?

  • Change your password.
  • Change your account settings like security questions and personal information’s.
  • Enable 2D verification.
  • Attach an alternate email account and a mobile phone number.
  • Install proper security on your computer and other devices.

If all those above mentioned steps to recover your hacked Yahoo email account won't work for you then you can go ahead and fill up the account recovery form in which they will ask you your alternate email account wher they can contact you regarding the email. Here they will ask you various questions about your email account like the email addresses of the sender to whom you have sent the emails recently , their subjects, name of the folders you have created , last passwords etc.

If you answer all these questions correctly then they will recover you email account within 24 hours otherwise they will ask you to fill up the recovery form until they get the suitable answers they are looking for and then even after trying all that if your problem will not get fixed then you can contact our team of certified technicians on our toll free as they have the specialization in the work of password recovery and virus removability. Here we can help you with all your problems related to your hacked email accounts, hacked computers, removing adwords or popup etc. Our team of certified technicians works all day long in order to find secured and easier ways to fix all your problems by taking less amount of time.